This book contains over 600 rare and never before published photographs of the British Soldier in World War I. The quality images selected were photographed in peace and wartime, in the studio and the field, and show in detail the service dress uniform, equipment and weapons in use by the British Army between 1900-1918. The chapters contain photographic postcards of: Infantry officers and other ranks, Dominion Troops, Infantry Weapons, Machine Gun and Tank Corps, Royal Artillery, Wheels and Transport, Army Service Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Engineers, Royal Flying Corps and Battle Insignia.

Also included is a full colour section of Army, Corps and Divisional signs. Each photograph caption has been carefully and thoroughly researched affording the reader information not to be found in any other single source. The introduction discusses early war photography and goes into further detail on the service dress and equipment to make this a must book for the military historian, collector, researcher, modeller and general enthusiast.

Book Reviews

"A stunningly good reference work for anyone researching WW1 British Army uniforms and insignia."
Chris Hughes
"The photographs were very helpful and as an avid collector of WW1 memorabilia, uniforms and ephemera, it holds a select place in my library."
Cogent Cow
"I am really impressed with this series from Schiffer publishing. I really like the organization of the British Army book and I hope there will be a second volume like there was for the Imperial German book! If you love the First World War then you will love this series. The reason I praise these books so much is because I have long been interested in this subject but, I had no photos to illustrate how the soldiers lived. Thanks to this series now I do!"
Aragorn Elessar
"This book is a fascinating study into Uniforms and Equipment of the British soldier of the Great War. And by British I mean 'Empire' as there are also pictures of colonial troops within. These photographs are not the usual overused hackneyed IWM prints but private photographs which must have taken the author many hours of exhaustive research over many years, but what is produced is simply superb. Some might think that this is a bit pricy but I have to say that for anyone with an interest in this field this is a 'must' publication as it covers all of the major uniform variations and is divided into categories for easy access. Put it on your wish list, you won't regret it!"
ST. Lord
"… all of these books are all excellent for anyone interested in the great war ... all of these are first class for the serious student of matters relating to world war 1 … the series is highly recommended five stars to Schieffer books for excellent publication of the entire works."
DVD critic
"The photographs are superb and illustrate clearly the uniforms and equipment that the men wore or used. The book is of a large format to ideally have larger photographs printed from the original large format cameras that were used. Every section of the army from infantry to Tank Corps, and RFC is here as well as the much neglected in general, Colonial troops. There are included colour pictures of the Corps and Divisions insignia that are very helpful too. An amazing collection of photographs that will help all who are interested in the Great War."