This book concentrates on Gully Ravine and its immediate area on the western side of the Helles battlefield. Here trench fighting raged throughout the campaign, culminating in the Battle of Gully Ravine between 28 June and 5 July 1915. This attack was a successful piece of planning and execution, enabling the British to capture five lines of Turkish trenches, seriously threatening the Turkish hold on the southern tip of the peninsula.

After this attack the region fell into the deadlock of trench warfare, which brought its horrors as well as its monotony. This beautiful and picturesque area of Gallipoli is seldom visited, and its part in the campaign almost forgotten. The book is well researched and contains a high proportion of original photographs and maps, which have never been published before.

Book Reviews

"My Great Uncle was killed in action on the opening day of the battle for Gully Ravine hence I bought this book to learn more about the battle. Having already read many of the books in the series I was VERY pleased with this addition. It's full of detailed first hand acounts of the severe fighting and is one of the best (if not, the best) book that I have read in the Battleground series. I read the book front to back in one sitting as I was unable to put it down once I'd started!"
"An excellent book and fine contribution to an obvious gap in the history of Gallipoli and fighting at Helles. This is one of the best I have read in the Pen & Swords series, and although I have never been to the Gallipoli battlefields before, I'll be booking my first trip later this year, and taking this nice little guide with me. I am looking forward to more in the series on Gallipoli. Excellent and highly recommended."
Jo Thomson
"Detailed and packed with information. All books by this author are excellent and clearly based on close knowledge of the terrain rather than only literary sources."
"Again will pack this book with me when I visit next year my favourite area at Gallipoli cannot wait to put the book into action."
Andrew Mackay
"This is a must read for anyone interested in the First World War - the book is full of great photographs, maps and stories combined with the history of the Gallipoli campaign. Great writing by Stephen Chambers, as in all his books. We must never forget the thousands of British troops who were involved in the 1915 campaign on Gallipoli."
Susan Burnett, Author
"Excellent book contributing much information to personal family research project. Maps published in this volume were related to War Diary extracts of the time. This allowed the approximate location where ancestor died on 28 June 1915 to be established."